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Omtara Kuteera's Vision, Legacy and Reality

About Omtara Kuteera 

Paintings at Omtara Kuteera Heritage Resort

A Glimpse into India's Rich Heritage:

Envision a place where India's diverse culture, religions, and traditions, from ancient roots to modern times, come to life. Omtara Kuteera aspires to be this visionary space where a glimpse into India's rich heritage is offered. Although just a fraction of this dream has manifested, the surroundings of Omtara Kuteera provide a peek into its promising future. For more insights into our immediate aspirations and the opportunity to participate in this dream, refer to our Support and Patronage section.

Omtara Kuteera's Magnificent Reality:

The first magnificent structure at Omtara Kuteera is dedicated to showcasing the tales of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu Dham Ksheera Sagara represents India's culture and spirituality through diverse art forms, including stone, metal, wood, and stucco sculptures, as well as oil and vegetable dye paintings. The architectural grandeur of Omtara Kuteera, with its soaring ceilings, decorative beams, grand arches, and statuesque columns, is a visual masterpiece. Its walls and halls are adorned with artworks from various corners of India, create a rich tapestry that narrates India's heritage.

Colourful carved sculptures on the wall of Omtara Kuteera Heritage Resort
Wodden carved sculpture at Omtara Kuteera Heritage Resort

The Cause We Are Committed To:

Our commitment lies in offering an enjoyable and educational experience to guests of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. We aim to raise awareness and educate visitors about India's profound history, culture, mythology, and spirituality. Combining traditional art forms such as paintings, sculptures, and performing arts with modern technology, we bring the past to life to captivate and educate the citizens of the future.

Creators of Omtara Kuteera

GK Ananthram and GA Jayalakshmi at Omtara Kuteera Heritage Resort

Shri. G.K. Ananthram's illustrious career in publishing, where he was a publisher and editor at IBH Prakashana (India Book House), saw the creation of over 5,000 Kannada and English books. Covering a wide array of subjects such as art, astrology, culture, history, literature, mythology, poetry, science, and technology, his work showcased the diversity of India's cultural tapestry. Notably, he conceptualized and led the development of two iconic literary works - 'Amar Chitra Katha' and 'Kannada Nadu Matthu Kannadigara Parampare.'

The 'Amar Chitra Katha' series, initially authored in Kannada by Shri G.K. Ananthram, became an immensely popular collection of children's comic books. These books narrated tales from Indian ithihasas, history, and culture. The series was eventually adopted by IBH's Bombay headquarters and published in English, comprising hundreds of titles that have educated and enriched readers across India and beyond.

Similarly, 'Kannada Nadu Matthu Kannadigara Parampare' features hundreds of titles in Kannada, delving into the stories of Karnataka and its historical figures. Presented as easily digestible paperbacks, these narratives serve as a valuable resource for those eager to explore the history and heritage of the region. Shri. G.K. Ananthram's legacy in publishing is a tribute to his unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting India's cultural richness.

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