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Vishnu Dhama

Introducing Harihara, the main exhibit building at Omtara Kuteera. It is the sacred abode of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, now open for public visits and events. Alongside its devotion to Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, this space also honors various Hindu deities. Discover the captivating exhibits within.

Char Dham or Chaturdhamas

Floor to ceiling and wall to wall size exquisitely carved wooden statues and carved panels, depicting the ten main avatars of Lord Vishnu
Archway at Omtara Kala Kuteera

At the main ornate portico, you'll be greeted by Char Dham or Chaturdhamas - Lord Vishnu's four holy abodes. These columns and arches vividly depict stories from Rameswaram (Lord Rama), Puri (Lord Jagannath), Dwaraka (Lord Krishna), and Badarinath (Lord Narayana), encapsulating India's revered spiritual heritage.


Wall carvings of life of Lord Rama
Embellishing an entire wall, carved in stone, there is the life story of Lord Rama

At the main entrance's top stairway restsAyodhya. Carved in stone, it vividly narrates Lord Rama's journey - from his birth on earth, his Vanavasa (forest life), Sita's abduction, and Ravana's defeat. Ayodhya's entrance door, a passage to Tirumala, features celestial weddings like Meenakshi Kalyana, Lakshmi Kalyana, Saraswati Kalyana, and more.


Wall carvings of life of Lord Rama
The entire story of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi is carved in serpentine stone on the walls and arches

Upon entering the main foyer, Tirumala unfolds in serpentine stone, narrating the tale of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi across walls and arches. Adjacent, stucco sculptures spring to life with stories of Lord Krishna, including the mesmerizing Geethopadesha (imparting the knowledge of Geetha) and Vishwaroopa (a cosmic universal form of the Lord). Tirumala boasts a rich collection of gilded Tanjavur paintings adorned with semi-precious stones. Notably, discover stone statues of Lord Sudarshana and Lord Dhanvantri, along with a shrine dedicated to Lord Keshava. To the right lies Karmabhoomi, honoring Shri GK Ananthram, the visionary founder of Omtara Kuteera, symbolizing a life dedicated to duty.


Statue of Radha and Krishna at Omtara Kuteera
A large stucco sculpture with Lord Krishna and Balarama being taken by Akrura in a chariot to meet their evil uncle Kamsa

Brindavan, situated below Tirumala, offers captivating scenes. As you descend the steps from Tirumala to Brindavan, on the right, you'll witness Lord Krishna supporting the Govardhana Mountain, safeguarding Nanda Gokula's citizens from Devendra's onslaughts. Further down, Lord Krishna reveals the universe in his mouth to Yashodha. A stucco sculpture portrays Krishna and Balarama taken by Akrura in a chariot, halted by Nanda Gokula's women. Nearby, an anteroom showcases Tanjavur paintings of Lord Rama and Krishna.


A life size stucco statue of Virata Purusha, the cosmic form of Lord Vishnu
Floor to ceiling and wall to wall size exquisitely carved wooden statues and carved panels, depicting the ten main avatars of Lord Vishnu

Ascending from Tirumala, you reach Haridwar, where striking visuals await. A stucco statue of the cosmic Virata Purusha greets you, while a wood statue depicts Lord Varaha saving Earth from Hiranyaksha. A stone panel showcases the revered Archavataras of Lord Vishnu, representing his different forms. A Bhagavatha fresco narrates Lord Krishna's stories with intricate vegetable dye paintings. Dashavatara room boasts life-size carved wooden statues and panels illustrating the ten main avatars of Lord Vishnu. Haridwar's walls display smaller frescos, with tales of Krishna and Draupadi's rescue. Adjoining the staircase, a fresco portrays Mother Durga embodying multiple divine powers. The doors to the portico showcase exquisite Ashta Lakshmi carvings, epitomizing Goddess Lakshmi's eight forms


Wall carvings at Omtara
Carved pillars in the open area

Climbing from Haridwar brings you to Chidambaram, dedicated to Lord Shiva. At the staircase's end, you encounter Tanjavur paintings of Lord Shiva, including a large one portraying his 108 dance forms. These replicate the renowned Chidambaram temple's artwork. The highlight is the open area with intricately carved sandstone pillars showcasing the same 108 dance poses, each paired with a Sanskrit verse. Chidambaram also houses Café Annapoorna, perfect for a revitalizing bite before proceeding to the next level, Arankayaka.


Statue of Goddess at Omtara Heritage Resort
Statue of a Goddess at Omtara Kuteera

Above Chidambaram lies Aranyaka, crafted in Chettinad style, boasting handmade atthangadi tile flooring. This level's charm is accentuated by carved wooden pillars and windows. It's home to lifelike steel and leather statues of wild animals, inspiring its name. Aranyaka showcases life-size painted wooden statues of deities like Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Goddess Gayathri, and more.


Beyond Aranyaka, discover Meru —a pyramidal meditation hall offering serenity. Outside, panoramic views of Omtara Kuteera's countryside await.

Devalaya Event Hall

Event hall
Event hall

Behind the Harihara exhibit building is the Devalaya Event Hall The lower level of Devalaya is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi. Exhibits within include various forms of Goddess Parvathi, from Mother Annapurneshwari to Mother Durga and Mother Kali.


A pyramidal shaped meditation hall_
Panoramic view of the country side around Omtara Kuteera

Outdoors, Omtara Kuteera's exhibits grace the gardens, where meticulously carved human creations harmonize with nature's beauty.



Kashi, near Harihara, is a charming temple-like structure standing on a single pillar adorned with stunning sculptures. Facing east, it holds a captivating sculpture featuring Lord Shiva, Mother Parvathi, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Muruga. Southward, a beautiful depiction of Lord Shiva as Dakshinamurthy imparts wisdom. Gazing west towards Vishnu Dhama, a sculpture of Lord Ganesha graces the space. To the north, a breathtaking sculpture of Goddess Annapurneshwari, in the form of Mother Parvathi, adds to the enchantment.



Bodhgaya, northeast of Kashi, offers a serene walkway. On one side stands a finely carved granite statue of Lord Buddha, depicting his meditation after giving up food. It strikingly captures the skeletal form of the Lord. The other side features statues of the eight Bodhisattvas, including Lord Gautama Buddha.



North of Bodhgaya lies Kailash, a tranquil space enveloped by lush trees. Here, a meticulously carved statue of Lord Shiva as Amrutha Mryuthyunjaya stands. Depicting his triumph over time and death, the statue shows Lord Shiva immersed in nectar, symbolized by the pots he holds.

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