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Stone Carved Hindu Gods and Goddess Sculptures

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Omtara Kuteera is a sanctuary of Indian art, culture, and spirituality that transcends time. Our exquisitely crafted sculptures, paintings, and modern technology fuse to bring ancient stories to life, educating and captivating visitors of all ages. Immerse yourself in the beauty and wisdom of our culture, and become a part of this extraordinary voyage.


A Destination Like None Other For You To Discover

Is It A Temple, A Museum, A Palace, or A Resort? Omtara is Whatever You Make It To Be.


Indoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

  • Traditional games: Kho Kho, Lagori, Gilli danda, Lattoo, Kancha and Kabbadi.
  • Modern games: Badminton, Cricket, Soccer, Croquet and Volleyball.
  • Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Walking through villages, Hiking up the hills, etc.

Food and Drinks

Weather-Dependent Activities

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Discover unforgettable guest experiences at Omtara Kuteera

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